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Are you a Veteran looking to own a franchise business?

Do you know what your next career move will be? Sure, finding a job in the private sector is an option, but do you want to take charge of your life and your future?  If so, then maybe owning your own franchise business is right for you.  

Transitioning to Civilian Life

Whether you are getting back after a short tour or are considering retirement and going back to civilian life, the transition can be challenging. Did your military experience prepare you for this new part of your life and a viable career after service? How do you apply all of things that you have learned and experienced? 

Is Owning Your Own Business an Option to Consider?

It may be your best option. Many times the job that you had when you entered the military is not the job that you want when you get out. Or, the job that you had is no longer available when you leave the military. You may have to start at the ground floor again. 

Owning a franchise business allows you to own a business without necessarily having experience in the business that you buy. 

Why You Don't Need Experience to Own a Franchise?

When you buy a franchise business, the Franchisor will provide the necessary training and support that will enable you to operate the business. The Franchisor will provide the proven operating systems needed to run the business. 

Many times franchise companies prefer people that don't have experience in their business. Franchise businesses by their very nature want to train people to do it their way. People that have experience in their business tend to want to do things the way they have always done it. People, without experience, bring a blank slate and are eager to learn a successful way of doing business. 

Why Do Franchise Businesses Like to Work with Veterans?

Veterans know what it means to work within a system. Veterans realize that they are more successful if they work as a team. Veterans are taught to improvise within the system to be successful. 

Veterans are leaders, hard workers and mission-driven. 

How will Franchise Resources help You Determine if Owning a Franchise Business Might be an Option for you.

Axxiom will work with you to determine if owning a franchise business is a realistic option for you.  The first step is to educate you on what it means to own your own business and specifically a franchise business; understanding the advantages and disadvantages of owning a franchise.  Then, if you have a continued interest, the Franchise Resources Advisor will interview you to develop a profile of your lifestyle requirements, business goals and financial position. The Franchise Resources Advisor will then find franchises that match your profile.  The Franchise Resources Advisor will introduce you to the franchise representatives of the franchise businesses that you may want to investigate further.  

The Franchise Resources Advisor will work with you throughout the process to help you make a more informed business decision. 

Best of all, there is never any cost to you.  

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Advantages of Franchising

Established product or service

Proven Operating Sytems

Initial Training

Ongoing Support

Franchisor experience

Other franchisees in the system

Group purchasing power

Easier to get quality locations

Start-up assistance

Financing Assistance

Name recognition

Growth Strategies

Exit Strategies

In franchising you are in a business for yourself, but not by yourself.


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Consider these franchise types for your new business

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